Financial Independence for Mommies

It is often quoted that children’s mind are like ‘wet cement’, whatever falls on them makes an impression. One such impression was made on me by my school teacher. One day in school, while our chemistry teacher was reprimanding for not studying well for a test, she told us about the importance of being anContinue reading “Financial Independence for Mommies”

Toppling work-life balance in Corona times!

Social and emotional intelligence are crucial soft skills. Are the ones in the top management displaying these traits enough? I am generally good with dates and rarely miss out wishing friends and family. But the current times are not as conducive for my memory. As usual technology comes to the rescue. A social media account,Continue reading “Toppling work-life balance in Corona times!”

Internships- Be a trained professional

It was a regular day in one of our college days, we were busy chatting about the new movie that had released that weekend. Our plans to bunk the second half of the classes for the same movie were interrupted when the professor entered the class and announced a surprise test. Thus began the questionContinue reading “Internships- Be a trained professional”

Engineering Enigma

My last blog received mixed feedback. While some agreed that I had objectively highlighted the loopholes of the course, a few friends from my engineering days, were not too pleased. According to them, I had generalized the engineering diaspora. I therefore decided to write further, to continue the conversation and also to make my intentionsContinue reading “Engineering Enigma”